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Information for non-EU nationals

Conditions for the employment of non-EU nationals


Please note that third-country nationals may be subject to additional requirements for entering the European labour market.

Employment of non-EU nationals in Latvia is based on working visa or residence permit with the right to work. This permit is mainly available to skilled professionals or seasonal workers in business sectors where there is a shortage of local labour force.

If you have found a suitable job offer, you usually need to send your CV and application to a potential employer. If the employer is interested to offer you a job, then the next step is to agree on working conditions and possibilities to proceed with the documentation for the employment. The company which agreed to employ you need to confirm employment invitation at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA). Once the employer’s invitation is approved, you will be able to submit documents to the OCMA for receiving employment visa or temporary residence permit.

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Employment contract and working conditions

Your employment contract will be concluded in accordance with the conditions of Latvian Labour law. When company hire the non-EU national, then by law employer has to grant the gross salary that is at least average salary in Latvia. For 2nd half of 2020 average gross salary is 1076 EUR per month.


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