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Covid 19

Travelling outside Belgium (on foot, by bicycle, car, bus, train, boat, plane, etc.) that is not considered necessary will be prohibited until at least 7 June 2020.

Tourists from other countries are also not allowed to travel to Belgium.

As we see this event as a first step in the recruitment process, all contacts will happen online between the candidate and the employer.

Please find out more:

  • Interviews and recruitments during Covid-19

The employers (and job offers) that are online for the event are still in recruitment mode.
Interviews and testing are being held from a distance by different online tools.

Companies are working proactively on finding the right profiles, but you should be aware that moving to Belgium will depend on the easing of the national measurements in the countries concerned.

Companies that joined in for the event:

- ensure compliance with the latest national legislation due to Covid 19
- will outline the conditions under which workers from other EURES countries will be accepted in-country during the situation (such as quarantine, provision of health certificate etc), before leaving your home country

  • Interviews and recruitments after Covid-19

If  you are invited for an onsite interview by one or more of the employers after the event, you could perhaps benefit from the YFEJ coverage of travelling  expenses (meeting all requirements):
° when up to 35 years old, via Your first EURES job (YFEJ);
° if you’re more than 35, via Reactivate.

Very important: you will have to apply some time before the interview date!
Find out how by contacting your local Eures Adivsor or by getting in touch with