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If you have a university degree as a teacher and are a citizen from an EU/EEA country considering the Swedish labour market you should look into this information. 


We can help you in your process of finding work in Sweden. Please click on the link and send in your CV and Cover letter so that we can have a closer look at your competence.


Participating Employers

Gällivare kommun are looking for teachers in pre-school and primary school

Visit stand: Gällivare kommun


Sweden has a lack of teachers with a university degree within the elementary school.

Now we are addressing to those who are looking for a new challenge in life.

In order to become a teacher in Sweden you should be prepared to learn Swedish which means it can take a longer time before you might be available for a recruitment. In order to get a Swedish license as a teacher, Swedish is a requirement, and an application to The Swedish National Agency for Education, Skolverket, is needed. There are several online Swedish lessons that you can start with that can be found on the Web. 

We will support you in the steps of the process.

This EURES service is only for EU/EEA citizens that have the right to work in Sweden. 

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