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Inge´s Christmas Decor GmbH

desde : Germany

Inge's Christmas Decor GmbH is a modern company with a rich tradition. It has its headquarters in the North Bavarian town of Neustadt bei Coburg, nestled between the regions of Upper Franconia and the Thuringian Forest, the cradle of glass Christmas tree decorations.Traditional craftsmanship, embedded in a modern business and rooted in the region, is behind the creation of glass ornaments whose festive radiance never ceases to enchant.

INGE-GLAS is a wholly owned family company with tradition. The employees can be confident, that INGE-GLAS itself, its values and its principles remain faithful. As an independent family business we plan and act long-term and forward-looking.

The company stands for secure jobs and partnership working based on fairness and personal appreciation. What unites us at INGE-GLAS, is the fascination for Christmas and the ambition to find the best solutions for our customers at any time. To satisfy this demand for quality, INGE-GLAS provides optimal conditions for safe, productive and healthy working.


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