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Qualified Spanish Language Teachers for Elementary school

by:  Örebro Municipality

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We are looking for graduated and experienced spanish language teachers that are interested to relocate and start working with Örebro kommun in Sweden.

We have open positions at different schools in Örebro. We are also looking for qualified remedial teachers and preschool teachers.


In order to evaluate and recognize your foreign qualifications we recommend you to send in your documents to Universitets- och Högskolerådet/The Swedish Council for Higher Education. More information on how to proceed


To get a permanent position as a teacher in Sweden you also need to have a Teacher Certification. We will assist you in the contact with Skolverket/The Swedish National Agency for Education regarding application for a teacher certification:   


If the Swedish qualification and credentials are obtained, the fixed-term employment will be transferred to a permanent employment. This according to Swedish legislation.


Since all lessons will be held in Swedish you need to start learning the Swedish language. Online lessons can be found on For the right qualified teacher we can offer Swedish lessons onsite while you are working.


Your salary will be according to collective agreements depending on experience and education and starting date is access by agreement. You will be working 45 hour working week (35 hours onsite). Working as a teacher means that you are free from work on Sports holidays, Easter holidays and Christmas holidays. You will as well be free from work when the school is closed in the summer. We help in advance with housing and contact with authorities for obtaining Swedish personal number.   

If you are interested please attend the Online European Job Day on the 6th of March and chat with us. We look forward to seeing you there.


More about Örebro

Living, working or maybe studying in Örebro - it's making a good choice.
With more than 150,000 inhabitants from 165 nationalities, Örebro is Sweden's seventh largest municipality and sixth largest city.  Örebro is growing fast, as is the number of pupils in its schools. The municipality has about 12,000 employees. At present there are 44 municipal primary schools and there are a number of independent schools.
Örebro has a lot to offer, both in terms of work and leisure. Orebro is strategically located close to a number of the larger cities in the country. The city is growing and a further 11,200 homes will be built up to 2030.

Urban Environment
Orebro is a beautiful city with an abundance of parks and green areas scattered amongst its new and old buildings.  At the centre of the city stands its famous castle and the historic old city centre gives Orebro fantastic character.  In 2015, this was recognized with Orebro being awarded “City Centre of the Year.
Through the city runs Svartån river via Wadköping and the marina, opens into Hjälmaren. Within walking distance of the city centre is Oset - an old oil port that has turned into a beautiful and popular hiking area. Located near Oset is “Naturens hus” and a Nature Room will soon be opened. New architecture and consideration for the environment and culture, characterize construction as the city grows.

Örebro University
One of Sweden's fastest growing universities with 17,000 students and 1200 employees.
The university has a wide and growing research activity. Medical education ranked as the best in the country.

Örebro university also offers a restaurant and Hotel college at campus Grythyttan.

Örebro has a rich music and cultural life. Open Art, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Live at Heart are examples of things that put Örebro on the map both nationally and internationally.
Örebro’s surroundings provide great opportunities for outdoor activities - such as hiking, skiing and cycling in Kilsbergen, to boating and water sports at Hjälmaren. In the county there are two national parks and more than 200 nature reserves.
Örebro is one of Sweden's best sports cities with top-league football, hockey and basketball teams.

As an employee of Örebro Municipality, you are offered a unique health package. Through this you receive a healthcare contribution every year that you can use for health promotion activities that you choose and think are fun.


If you are interested please send your resume + personal letter to


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