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Job responsibilities: Collecting and collating data from scientific databases; Undertaking literature searches and reviews on selected scientific topics; Providing editorial support, including aligning of draft opinions with standard formats; Contribute to drafting of preparatory background information; Planning and monitoring deadlines; Writing of meeting minutes. Skills and knowledge required: Excellent knowledge of English; Previous experience in g​enerat​ing​, collect​ing​​ evidence and perform​ing​... Leer más
Job responsibilities: Support the implementation of engagement strategies with institutional partners, stakeholders and/or international organisations to assist the awareness building and reputation management of the organisation; Assist in the coordination and/or the handling of enquiries from institutional partners, stakeholders, international organisations and/or the public at large; Support the coordination of wide processes that stem from legal and regulatory obligations to... Leer más
Job responsibilities: Support the production of multimedia products (infographics, data visualisation, animations, videos etc.) by: liaising with internal stakeholders; carrying out research and providing recommendations on best practices; gathering and providing feedback to Communication staff and contractors; performing quality checks. Conception and development of multimedia content to be used on social media: animated GIFs, simple editing videos and images, etc... Leer más
Job responsibilities: Provide support to the Food Ingredients and Packaging Unit and in particular to the Bisphenol A (BPA) project with respect to the preparatory work leading to the development of the scientific output in 2021-2022; Contribute to timely and effective planning to meet priorities and deadlines within the work programme of the project; Contribute administratively and scientfically to internal... Leer más