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Galvenie amata pienākumi: Veikt pacientu novērtēšanu, nodrošināt aprūpi stacionāriem un ambulatoriem pacientiem. Sagatavot pacientu diagnostiskajām un ārstnieciskajām procedūrām. Veikt pacientiem ārsta nozīmēto diagnostisko un ārstniecisko procedūru izpildi. Nodrošināt pacientiem ārsta nozīmēto medikamentu saņemšanu. Izvērtēt pacientu aprūpes procesu un tā rezultātus u.c. Izglītot pacientus un viņu piederīgos par dialīzes procesu. Prasības pretendentiem: medicīnas māsas izglītība; reģistrācija ārstniecības personu valsts reģistrā; vēlams... Leer más

Xamarin App Developer (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Presentada por:  Look Abroad!
Lugar de trabajo: Denmark
On behalf of a Danish employer Look Abroad! is looking for a Xamarin App Developer. The company is a successful hi-tech start-up in the medical device sector, which has recently launched its first product and has started working on future improvements. The company has decided to develop several apps for their products and they will need your help! You will... Leer más

Registered Nurse

Presentada por:  LIRECO Recruiting & Consulting
Lugar de trabajo: Sweden
It is a merit if you have further education in kidney, lung and stroke / neurology. At least 1-2 years of experience in inpatient / outpatient care to be able to work independently as a nurse. Stable and confident in the role of nurse. You may want to have nursing knowledge from work in emergency care and medical specialties. About... Leer más

Full Stack Developer

Presentada por:  Evodeck Software
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
What will be your role at Evodeck? You will be part of an agile team with a size of 2 and up to 6 people. Bringing your knowledge and support to them and work on individual software projects. You will never work on something off the shelf, but actively create value and work closely with the product owner to achieve... Leer más

Enfermera en los Países Bajos

Presentada por:  Pleyade-Eduployment
Lugar de trabajo: Netherlands
¡Comienza tu carrera en los Países Bajos! La Fundación para los Cuidados de la Salud Pleyade, ubicada en los Países Bajos, a través de su programa «Eduployment», tiene como objeto preparar a enfermeras ya graduadas, para trabajar en los Países Bajos. Esta preparación consta de varios cursos de idioma holandés y de prácticas remuneradas hasta alcanzar el nivel idiomático adecuado... Leer más

Ruby on Rails / Software Developer

Presentada por:  Thinkerdots Technologies
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Looking for Ruby on Rails developer. Requirements: - good communication, english - tech entusiast that likes to learn, looking for new challenges and not afraid to find/implement good solutions. - interest in Ruby, Ruby on Rails framework - care about his work. - likes to solve problems There is space for initial formation and learning for Ruby on Rails onboarding... Leer más

Software Engineer | Lisboa (M/F)

Presentada por:  Egor Group
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
EMPRESA O Grupo Egor encontra-se a recrutar um Software Engineer para Lisboa. O nosso cliente é uma empresa americana na área da tecnologia e que atua no setor dos seguros. CANDIDATO A reportar ao CTO, o profissional a admitir será responsável por: Desenvolver e manter uma pipeline de dados utilizando as melhores práticas; Criar API´s em tempo real para interagir... Leer más

Junior Administrator

Presentada por:  GrowIN Portugal
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Daily tasks Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages, postage, etc.) Create and update records, databases, and accounts for the External team Create and reconciling Direct Debit reports for the External team Reconciling lodgements daily from the installations team for the External team Sales/contracts invoicing for... Leer más

Junior Developer

Presentada por:  GrowIN Portugal
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Specific Responsibilities include but not limited to: Write high-performing well-tested code that meets coding standards and business requirements Collaborate with end-users to define and prioritize system requirements and enhancements Collaborate with technical resources to ensure that the software is optimally designed for our infrastructure Debug escalated production issues QUALIFICATIONS: BS in Computer Science, Math or Engineering TECHNICAL ABILITIES/PROGRAMS: Strong prior... Leer más

Junior Community Manager

Presentada por:  GrowIN Portugal
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies Providing engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts Responding to comments and customer queries in a timely manner Job description We are looking for a Junior Community Manager to join our team. If you are a tech-savvy professional, experienced in social media, PR and... Leer más