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25 Abril 2018

Work in Norwegian in Europe

Evento en línea
Do you speak fluently Norwegian? Would you like to use your language skills while working in Europe? Is your company looking for Norwegian speaking staff? "Work in Norwegian in Europe" is a recruitment... Leer más
09 Mayo 2018

7. European Job Day Trier-Luxemburg

Onsite event
Unter dem Motto „Aus der Großregion für die Großregion!“ bringt der siebte European Job Day Unternehmen, Arbeitnehmer, Grenzpendler und Netzwerkpartner der öffentlichen (Arbeits-)Verwaltungen am 9. Mai 2018 in der E uropäischen R echts... Leer más
22 Mayo 2018

"Your Language - Our Business" Bilingual Jobs - European Online Job Day, Ireland

Evento en línea
Do you speak English and are you a fluent speaker of another European language? Looking for a career in Business/Customer Support sector in Ireland? Are you an Irish based employer looking for Business/Customer... Leer más
30 Mayo 2018

Make it in Germany - Take YOUR Chance!

Evento en línea
Welcome to our European Online Job Day "Make it in Germany - Take YOUR Chance!" At our online event, we will provide European jobseekers with helpful information about “Living & working in Germany”... Leer más
19 - 20 Junio 2018

Work in Flanders 2018 - Lisbon

Onsite event (Lisbon, Portugal)
Evento en línea
Are you a professional in the field of Engineering, Construction or ICT? Do you have experience of and a background in Maintenance, Construction, IT or Robotics? If you’re based in Portugal, have you... Leer más