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01 Marzo 2018

Connect to your Future @ Hospitality & Catering Career Expo North West Region of Ireland

Evento presencial
Evento en línea
The event has been cancelled due to the weather conditions. Are you a jobseeker considering a career in the Hospitality & Catering Sector in the North West Region of Ireland? The Online European... Leer más
15 Febrero 2018

Seize the Summer with EURES 2018

Evento en línea
Welcome to the 2nd edition of Seize the Summer with EURES! This event will take place online only, 15 February 2018, from 10:00 to18:00 (CET) Do you want to spend next summer in... Leer más
07 - 08 Febrero 2018

Jobs Without Borders

Evento presencial (Tampere, Finland)
Evento en línea
Jobs Without Borders is a recruitment event connecting employers and skilled professionals across Europe. It takes place on February the 7th and 8th 2018 between 11am - 3pm (CET). The format of the... Leer más
31 Enero 2018

Realise Your Potential Abroad - UK EOJD 2018

Evento en línea
Do you want to ‘realise your potential’ with a job abroad. Would you like to spend your summer time working in attractive European destinations, meet new people, gain work experience and have the... Leer más
29 - 30 Noviembre 2017

Work in Flanders 2017 - Athens

Evento presencial (Athens, Greece)
Evento en línea
Are you a Pro in engineering, construction or the ICT field? You have an experienced background in maintenance, construction, IT, robotics…? Based in Greece now? Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a... Leer más
22 Noviembre 2017

New Career in Hungary - Új Karrier Magyarországon

Evento en línea
Explore the employment possibilities in Hungary at the EURES Online Job Fair on the 22nd November. The aim of this event is to connect jobseekers from Hungary and the neighbouring countries with employers... Leer más
22 - 23 Noviembre 2017

EURES Italy Employers' Day 2017

Evento en línea
Employers’ Day Italy is online! The second European Employers' Day is taking place in all EU Member States. The European Network of Public Employment Services (PES Network) has launched the second edition of... Leer más
08 - 09 Noviembre 2017

European Job Day Farming and Gardening

Evento presencial (Turku and Kankaanpää, Finland)
EURES Finland is happy to organise European Job Day: Farming and Gardening events in Turku and Kankaanpää, Finland. The events take place on Wednesday the 8 th and Thursday the 9 th of... Leer más
07 - 08 Noviembre 2017

Make it in Germany - Lisbon 2017

Evento presencial (Lisbon, Portugal)
Evento en línea
Are you a qualified professional with experience or training in: IT / Engineering? Science, R&D? Hotel & Catering? Construction? Transports & Logistics? Have you ever thought about Germany as a career destination? Take... Leer más
26 Octubre 2017

The Silesia 2017 Online Job Day - Work in Poland

Evento en línea
Are you looking for a job in Poland? Are you a Polish employer who is looking for qualified employees from EU/EEA countries? You can’t miss the Silesia 2017 Online Job Day! The Silesia... Leer más