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Finland Works
05 October 2021
Online event


This session has finished.

But you can still see the agenda.


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4 October 2021

Agenda is out! Apply to jobs! See you tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

The event is tomorrow and the official agenda is now published! Go check it out by following the link:


Already applied to jobs? Great! Check to see if you have pending interview invites, accept them, and prepare to give it your all!


There are over 200 jobs available with over 800 positions so apply now! You can find the available jobs from here:


See you tomorrow!


23 September 2021

A perfect time to apply for jobs!

Hi, have you had a look at the jobs in Finland Works? Right now, there are 89 job offers with 565 jobs in them. And more jobs are coming. To see the jobs go to browse event jobs. (

Now is the perfect time to apply! Remember to add a CV to your jobseeker profile.

Some employers have additional job opportunities in their description page so find out more about them and see what other jobs they have. To see employers click on browse exhibitors. (