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Finland Works
04 April 2019
Online event


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2 April 2019

EMPLOYER in Finland - Let's show how Finland Works

Thursday this week you have the opportunity to promote your recruitment needs throughout Finland and Europe. You’ll have the chance to meet a wide range of jobseekers who are highly motivated and have the relevant qualifications and experience.

There are already over 1700 jobseekers joining us and the numbers are increasing steadily.

By opening your job vacancy you can meet jobseekers, see their CV's, chat and interview. 

Open your vacancies and join us to get the much needed expert for your company!

Let’s make sure Finland works – Join us online!


2 April 2019

JOBSEEKER - Start to explore how Finland can take your personal and working life in a new and positive direction!

Finland works? Stability, security and functionality form the basis of everyday life in Finland.

On Thursday 4th of April you can meet, chat and be interviewed by employers from Finland. There are nearly 30 employers looking for engineers, developers, game programmers, project and site managers, welders, CNC machinist etc. There are nearly 200 job possibilities on offer. 

So if you haven't yet registered, do it now and join in an event that works!

You can follow the program, be inspired and informed about jobs and Finland between 10-16 CET.

Come find a job and join the happiest people – Finland works, work with us!