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FINDE.U 2017 – Virtual University International Job Fair
21 - 24 March 2017
Online event


This session has finished.

But you can still see the agenda.

This session has finished.

But you can still see the agenda.


23 March 2017

FINDE.U: today and tomorrow we're focusing on interviews...

We're now on the final stage of virtual FINDE.U 2nd edition. After the streamed Programme on March 21 and Chat availability by several Exhibitors yesterday, we will now focus on online interviews with those of you who have applied for jobs.

You can still apply for jobs / traineeships up until tomorrow, March 24. Even if employers don't have the time for an interview now, they might get back to you after the event.

A small number of Exhibitors may still be active on the Chat today. EURES Denmark is one of them.

And we will also keep our Helpdesk available for you, in case you have any question about the event or the use of the platform. 

Programme recorded presentations will also become available in the next few days, so that you can go through them in case you haven't been able to watch.

We wish you the very best of success in your event participation!

22 March 2017

Customer Service companies are looking for you at FINDE.U!

Are you a Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, English native speaker? Willing to have a professional experience in Portugal?
There are several Customer Service / BPO companies looking for you at FINDE.U! Sellbytel, Sitel, Webhelp,...
Take a look at some of their vacancies here:
Register for #FINDEU and apply up until this Friday at the latest!

22 March 2017

FINDE.U is still rolling! You can still apply to jobs and contact exhibitors

Today we are having a few Exhibitors online, willing to talk to you!

EURES services from different countries, but also some employers and recruiters longing for your applications.

You should definitely take the opportunity to go through, search and apply for the more than 520 jobs / traineeships / research opportunities (with nearly 1800 positions) matching your profile.

Employers might invite you for an online interview, still during this week (keep an eye on the platform notifications and on My Interviews in your Dashboard) or get in touch with you with the following weeks.

We will also make yesterday's Programme video presentations available in the next few days.

Take the chance while you still can!

18 March 2017

3 days left before FINDE.U starts rolling...

... and you have nearly 340 vacancies with more than 1000 job, traineeship and research positions waiting for you to apply!

Most wanted areas: IT, engineering (virtually all branches), healthcare, management, finance & accountancy, teaching, human resources, tourism & hotels, marketing, commerce, customer service & BPO... but many other specializations are also represented.

You have mainly opportunities for Portugal and Spain, but also for Denmark, Germany, the UK, Malta, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, among others.


Take your chances! 

REGISTER NOW and apply for those vacancies matching your profile & expectations.


9 March 2017

FINDE.U 2017: 80 exhibitors already registered!

More than 80 exhibitors already joined FINDE.U 2017, our Virtual International University Job Fair. Most are companies / employers, but also a few information and EURES services, namely from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, will participate.

In the next few days, a growing number of opportunities - jobs, traineeships, research projects - will become available for you to apply.

JOIN US NOW! Open doors to your future!