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Dalarna is one of 21 regions in Sweden and located in the central part of the country with around 300.000 citizens. In Dalarna you can find beautiful nature, fresh air and friendly locals. Dalarna is a popular tourist destination both in the winter and in the summer. In the winter there are many possibilities to activate yourself outdoors through activities... Read more

Registered Nurse

Offered by:  EMTG Health Care
Workplace: Netherlands
If you decided to study nursing because you like to help and make an impact on people’s health, you must know that this mission has no borders. If you have clicked on this post is because you are probably seeking: Better salary conditions? Experience abroad? Professional stability? Good life-work balance? Professional growth? If you answered yes to all the above,... Read more

Assistant nurse

Workplace: Sweden
As an assistant nurse, you provide personal care, service and support by motivating and stimulating according to each person's conditions. The work includes medical interventions that are performed after delegation by authorized personnel. We work with liaison, documentation, activities and create social content for users. The role of assistant nurse also includes contact with relatives. We are looking for you... Read more


Workplace: Sweden
The tasks mainly consist of exercising authority / handling in the area of ​​children and young people. You work from a holistic view where the individual's ability and sense of meaning are utilized. We work on the basis of BBIC. The work includes collaboration with other colleagues in our business as well as collaboration with other partners. The service includes... Read more


Workplace: Sweden
As a registered nurse, you are responsible for health and medical care initiatives in care and nursing homes and in the home care service. The assignment includes coordinating good care and care, where you are part of the teamwork around the individual and his or her relatives. The assignment also includes supervision in the work team Licensed nurse, meritorious if... Read more

Health Care Assistant for Homecare

Offered by:  Bluebird Care Galway
Workplace: Ireland
Care Assistant (Health and Social Care) Job Specification and Description: Report to: The Care Manager The role of Care Assistant is to: Provide direct customer care in line with Bluebird Care policy procedures/guidance. Provide customer care in line with the direction and supervision of the registered nurse/ clinical nurse manager. Implement the requirements of the customer care plan. Perform duties... Read more
Kårkulla samkommun rekryterar EN VÅRDARE (936) i heltid till Utterbäcks serviceenhet i Borgå . Anställningen inleds 1.1.2021 eller enligt överenskommelse. Utterbäck serviceenhet i Fagersta erbjuder boende i naturskön skärgårdsmiljö på landet . På området finns tre gruppboenden och ett lägenhetsboende. Vi söker nu en vårdare till vårt seniorboende. Som vårdare ger du personlig omvårdnad och handledning samt utför tillsammans med... Read more