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Pedagog sökes till daghem i Esbo

Offered by:  Nordjobb
Workplace: Finland
pendera en fantastisk sommar i Esbo utanför Helsingfors! Esbo stad har behov av en lärare till ett svenskspråkigt daghem under sommaren. Du kommer planera aktiviteter och arbeta nära den andra personalen på daghemmet. Arbetsuppgifter Du jobbar på ett daghem (förskola) i Esbo under perioden 1.6-31.8.2020. Du jobbar som lärare i en barngrupp och har också andra pedagogiska uppdrag så som... Read more

Teachers to Sweden

Offered by:  EURES Sweden Teachers
Workplace: Sweden
If you are a teacher from an EU/EE country considering the Swedish labour market you should look into this information Sweden suffers from severe lack of teacher within the elementary school. Now we are addressing you that are looking for a new challenge in life. In order to become a teacher in Sweden you should be prepared to learn Swedish... Read more
Gällivare municipality is in a major social transformation, which means an exciting development for the community and for the school, the preschool, we move the communities, we build new schools, preschools, repair others, new multi-arenas and new housing will be ready in the near future. For a number of years, we have worked with a school structure to gather the... Read more
ITF - INDEPENT TEACHERS' FOUNDATION - cultura e lingue nel mondo Opportunità di lavoro Offriamo a candidati qualificati e motvati la possibilità di effettuare un'esperienza di lavoro durante la stagione estiva, come membri del team di assistenza ed animazione di gruppi di giovani in età scolare, partecipanti a viaggi di studio all'estero. Periodo: da metà giugno a fine agosto 2020... Read more

Leadership developer

Offered by:  Teach For Portugal
Workplace: Portugal
At Teach For Portugal we believe that school performance and development opportunities for children and young people should not be limited by their socio-economic context. Our goal is that one day all children and young people have access to an education that allows them to develop their full potential. That's what we want to challenge you with. That you take... Read more