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Offered by:  Love Carpe Diem d.o.o.
Workplace: Croatia
Love Carpe Diem d.o.o., a tourist animation agency, employs young people as a tourist animator for working with children, conducting sports activities, dancing and stage activities in the 2021 season at the destinations of the Adriatic Sea. You can find more about the agency and the internet at: FB: love-carpe-diem We offer: - free accommodation and three meals a... Read more

Animateur enfants FR-NL

Workplace: France
Tâches principales : Organiser les différentes activités adaptées à chaque tranche d’âge : 4/7 ans, 8/12ans et 13/17ans, et aux différentes nationalités (français, allemands, britanniques, néerlandais, espagnols…) Veiller à la sécurité des enfants et adolescents en permanence Assurer la relation avec les parents des enfants et des adolescents Gérer les inscriptions Entretenir le matériel mis à disposition des équipes Organiser... Read more

Commercial Secteur HORECA et Touristique (m/f)

Offered by:  Luxembourg
Workplace: Luxembourg
Votre mission : Prospection de nouveaux clients et prise en charge des clients existants, tant sur le marché national qu ' à l 'étranger (pays frontaliers). Définir la politique commerciale, réaliser des objectifs à atteindre tant à court qu'à long terme. Travailler au lancement de nouveaux programmes. Application de la stratégie de ventes et marketing pour le territoire alloué. Correspondance,... Read more


Offered by:  Obiettivo Tropici
Workplace: Italy
Objectif Tropiques a ouvert les sélections du personnel destiné à travailler en Italie et à l'étranger pour la saison 2021. OBIETTIVO TROPICI est une organisation italienne qui travaille dans le secteur touristique au niveau national et international, active surtout dans le domaine des services de l'animation, du divertissement et de l'assistance touristique. Nous recherchons des Disc-jockey Vous coordonnez, régulez et... Read more

Systems Architect

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Are you passionate about large scale system development? Are you motivated by working with technical leadership and system design for large distributed systems? Do you want a key role in converting customer needs into technical solutions? Become a part of our Architect team in Kamstrup Kamstrup is a Danish technology company and one of the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent... Read more

Software Developer

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Do you want to work with some of the latest technologies in software development? Are you passionate about software development in close collaboration with the customer? Do you want to start your career in an international company with some of the most talented software developers? Become a part of Technology Software in Kamstrup Kamstrup is a Danish technology company and... Read more

Senior Software Developer

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Are you looking for a leading position in a team of highly experienced software professionals that have mastered to foster a culture based on shared knowledge, and managed to master CI/CD? Do you consider yourself to be a highly experienced .NET developer who can lead and make high quality software? Are you looking for a job where your effort really... Read more

Scrum Master & Team Manager

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Are you passionate about Scrum, agile principles and leadership? Do you want to influence the future of intelligent metering? Are you motivated by leading and developing the team towards self-organization and high performance? Become a part of our Technology Software Division Kamstrup is a world-leading manufacturer of solutions for smart energy and water metering with production, administration and development gathered... Read more

Product Specialist

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Are you passionate about working with technical standardization and documentation, and can you mediate the essence of a technical directive? Are you interested in measurement technology, legal metrology and EMC? Do you want to be on the forefront of one of the most recognized brands in the meter industry that every day strives to ensure clean water and energy? Become... Read more

IT Operations Engineer

Offered by:  Kamstrup
Workplace: Denmark
Do you have solid technical understanding and the ability to structure our IT-operations? Can you deliver IT-operations in high quality on a daily basis? Are you ready to run IT systems and infrastructure that support both Kamstrup's employees and customers worldwide? Become a part of Core IT Services in Kamstrup Kamstrup is a Danish technology company and one of the... Read more