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Radiation Protection Engineer

by:  Nipromec Group

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Nipromec Oy Ltd is an international consulting and engineering company founded in 2003. We offer design and consulting services for multiple industries with emphasis on energy and construction. Nipromec offices in Finland are located in Rauma, Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. Group has offices also in Erlangen, Germany and Bristol and London in United Kingdom. 

Scope and Responsibility:

  • Takes care of all radiation protection matters according to the Radiation Protection Manual (works in control area, risk level in control area, unexpected event analysis in control area)
  • Gives radiation protection instructions regarding requested Work Orders and takes care of the management for implementation of the protection measures
  • Controls and enforces all works under radiation protection (validation measure during works in control area as working time period, individual protection, monitoring equipment's)
  • Provision and management of radiation protection equipment
  • Manage the access allowance and control to the controlled area
  • Support the commissioning and maintenance engineers in all questions concerning radio protection
  • Ensure that sufficient radiation protection equipment and radiation monitoring devices are on site, which are suitable for the work to be performed
  • Update and review of the test documentation (System Commissioning Procedures, Commissioning Instructions) in consistency with the system design, the comments of Owner and Authority and commissioning program of the plant
  • Answer to the comments of Owner and Authority on test documentation, in close cooperation with Owner technical counterpart
  • Organization and Performance of the test activities on radiation monitoring equipment's with support of suppliers
  • Follow up of commissioning activities for radiation monitoring system.

Key functions and responsibilities:

  • Establish the Radio Protection principles and processes.
  • Establish reporting requirements and standards
  • Prepare the radio protection plan for activity in the Controlled area (Operation performed according to ALARA measures)
  • Supervision of activity in the controlled area regarding radiation protection measures application (ln Place Instructions and monitoring equipment's)
  • Follow up and management of dose rates
  • Training and Qualification 


  • Experience in all aspects of radiation protection management
  • Knowledge of the generic applicable licensing requirements (to be adapted to Finnish Rules)
  • ALARA Program development and management
  • Annual Station Dose Targets development and management
  • Radiation Protection Certificate (RWP) Program management (for work in the Controlled Zone)
  • Radiological risk assessments
  • Shielding and Hot Spot program management
  • Daily Radiological Work Plans management
  • Individual dose management
  • Radiological surveillance management
  • Radiation and Contamination Surveillance and Sign Posting program
  • Respiratory Protection programs
  • Dosimetry management
  • Radioactive sources storage and management
  • RadPro Information System management
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Engineer or experienced Technician with in depth knowledge of RadPro requirements
  • Knowledge on instrumentation, radiation monitoring
  • Several years of experience with commissioning, testing of monitoring equipment's

Skills required:

  • Rule compliant
  • Ability to work with multiple nationalities and cultures
  • Ability to create processes and standards
  • Very good English skills, both written and spoken
  • Computer literacy in MS Office


This job has expired