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Process Engineer

by:  Arexim Engineering EAD

The job offer is available for the following event:

Job title:  Process Engineer in Plastic Production shop

Department : Plastic production

Underling : : Processes department Manager


Work side: Arexim Engineering LTD, industrial zone north

Business  hours: full-time job or shifts in accordance of schedule

Responsibilities: complying technology processes in thermoplastic injection processing

Can supersede:  plastic production’s technologist  

Can be covered by plastic production’s technologist  



Professional and personal abilities:      

       1.   Higher technical education Висше техническо образование

       2. Similar position work experience is an advantage


       3. work team abilities – initiative, loyal, tact, mutual aid



The primary objective of work:

Creates and controls the technological  processes in recast of thermoplastics

Main responsibilities:

1. supervise the plastic production’s technologists  to comply the technological processes

 2. keeps track of proper and stable of the equipment (machines and molds)   and inform the persons responsible in case of malfunction

3. does trials of new molds and fill out the required documentation

4 Creates and control database with molding cards and insets timely

5 Controls the work process at new mold implementation into mass production

6. Creates Programs for robots and train production technologists to operate them. While doing trials communicate directly with the quality engineer and inform his/her supervisor about the results of sampling and other issues occurred  during the working process

7. cooperate for issue solving related with the production process

8. supervise new batch production starts, make corrections and train the technologists in case of mistakes of the established process

9. takes part of new mold construction meetings

10. implement new technological processes into the mass production

                  Basic rights:

                          1. Right for labor

                          2. Right for remuneration.

                          3. Right for weekly and  daily rest.

                          4. Right for vacantion time.

                          5. Right for work uniform .

                          6. Right for personal opinion for work related problems .


For more information:

 Radoslav Manev - Human Resources Manager

+359887 43 21 78