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Online Internship

by:  VidaEdu

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International Online Internships allow students to have professional experience and improve English in a real work environment in a British company, at home or anywhere else, as if they were in England. The internships are available in the Curricular or Extracurricular aspects, they are organized in a personalized way, based on the student's profile, and flexible so that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity, since they can be 10, 15, 20 or 30 hours a week, according to the availability of each student. Find out how to gain professional experience by interning in a real context in a British company, without leaving your home. In this Internship, in addition to a tutor, you have coaching sessions, develop essential skills used in the global labor market in the 21st century, among many more. Find out everything in this session where you will still be able to talk to whoever is doing an International Internship Online and thus answer all your doubts.