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Meet & Greet 16 and 17 April 2013 Xelvin International Recruitment, location Lisboa

by:  Xelvin Zuid B.V.

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The job offer is available for the following event:

Meet & Greet 16 and 17 April  2013 Xelvin International Recruitment

Location, Lisboa Portugal

During these days we would like to speak to candidates who are interested to work and live in The Netherlands.

Working for Xelvin means working in a challenging international environment where personal attention and personal growth are important themes.

Xelvin offers excellent pay, but is aware of the fact that this is not the only thing you are interested in. You are also attracted to challenges, collegiality and a congenial and meaningful work environment. So if you are also highly motivated and enterprising, you will feel right at home at Xelvin.

Do you have a qualification and/or experience in the field of engineering, development and maintenance? Do you like to get on with the job? Are you keen to build up work experience in a wide range of companies? If your answer is yes, contact one of our consultants at Xelvin. He or she will be delighted to help you.

Xelvin a Dutch based international recruitment agency for higher educated engineers from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece and Ireland to work in The Netherlands.

Because we know it is challenging to work abroad  we help you with:

  • Finding a suitable house (we pay a large part of the housing fee)
  • Introduce you to our other foreign Engineers from your country and other countries
  • Arrange your tax number
  • Arrange a bank account
  • Dutch lessons
  • Pay for your flight and hotel if you are invited for an interview

We are looking for:

  • Design engineer: Bachelors/Master Mechanical Engineering with 2-10 years experience in mechanical design engineering and knowledge of CAD 3D.
  • Production engineer: Masters Mechanical or Physics with 1-6 years experience in production or process engineering.
  • Valve Engineer: Bachelor/Master mechanical engineering, at least 3 years of experience as a Valve engineer, experience with engineering tools (3D-CAD, PDM, FEM), experience in the Oil, chemical and Gas &/or On/Offshore industry is an advantage.
  • Field Service Engineer: Bachelor electronics/mechatronics/Physics, 0-5 years experience in field service in the machinery and hands on person.
  • Control system Engineer: Bachelor electronics/automation engineering, 5-10 years experience in automation engineering, experience with PLC/SCADA, C /C+ software.
  • Design engineer Lasers: Master/PhD in Mechanical or Physics engineering 0-10 years experience. Knowledge of optics and lasers.
  • Designer / System Integrator: Master/PhD in Mechatronics or System and Control engineering; • Electrical and Mechanical engineering, also suitable but only with a specialism/focus on mechatronic design.




If you are interested in one of these positions please mail Xelvin your resume to schedule an interview at 16 or 17 April 2013.


Contact: Bram Boogers


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This job has expired