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Objectives of the jobs (a little bit differently)

Welcome to the written presentation of our KBC HR Business Partners and Specialist team, in this job advertisement, you are reading right now. In our cross-border HR team, of 3 HR Business Partners and 3 HR Specialists we very much value the support and good team dynamics. Therefore it is for us very important to find the good match. We know, that nothing is perfect. Yet we do believe that together we can work every day on energizing team spirit and fruitful cooperation. Let us now introduce ourselves a little bit, including sharing our vision of our latest HR family member. Will this be you?

My name is Jana and I have been working for KBC Shared Service center in Czechia, Brno since 2011. I will be leading you remotely from the location point of view, however with the intention to create and keep daily functional relationship and connection. My aim is to be a leader, you can find inspiration from and share the common vision forward for our growing and developing company. When I imagine you, I see somebody, who can be described in other words like: reliable, curious, creative and developing oneself constantly. To be more specific, I look for somebody who is not afraid to work with people, HR processes and at the same time documents on daily basis. The one I am looking for should be focused on getting things done correctly and with solid timely manner, no matter if it´s done for general manager, employee or your colleague HR Business Partner. I am keen to find a person, who is not afraid to investigate complex problems. This is someone, who enjoys communicating in English and presenting the information in front of audience. I am also looking for a person, who is keen to put extra effort into facilitating resolutions for own tasks.

The key value in our team is trust. We support each other. And that matters. You should also love supporting people and we dare to say, we soon represent your second family and so do you. While having work family behind your back, your day- to- day work will be centered around finding solution to every inquiry, you receive. Together with a great colleague, our HR Specialist Denitsa, you two will actively safeguard HR Policies, while supporting the delivery of HR processes to the company according to her favorite saying „one for all, all for one.“

The right candidate needs to be equal parts a perfectionist, working with legal terms and legislation, understanding corporate culture and structure, respecting hierarchy and empathic, emotionally available colleague-working with every human’s personal need. This team has very interesting dynamics - a very solid organization, where rules are followed and at the same time, we can blend the boundaries and support each other and be interchangeable if needed-if one falls, we are there to pick him up and help him get up. Some days are laid-back, some days are packed with tasks, where the person needs to stay on his toes, be fast, centered, self-organized, self-sufficient, at the same time grounded, calm and composed, always helpful. Being an HR employee is a calling and not a job, we are not just pushing paperwork, we are supporting our colleagues during their KBC journey, we are there to help them settle down, see them get married and have babies, or help them through the emotionally difficult terminations, always respectful and tactful.

HR is the bridge between KBC’s Rules and regulations and our employees’ needs and situations. We safeguard the company’s interest but we are always there for our clients. The mindset is important- it’s the very popular with hospitality “the client is always right”, which in truth is not always the case but our approach should be that we understand the issue, we help, we educate, we consult, and we guide so that the client (all KBC employees) feel the personal treatment, feel appreciated, feel respected and acknowledged.


  • You can be already experienced professional (from HR- legal related field) with solid knowledge of HR processes or thrilled for HR support and continuous self-development in this field
  • You will be actively implementing and setting up HR processes in the company, propose and enforce changes and therefore you have ability to adapt quickly
  • You need to be able to initiate and lead complex HR Projects across the Shared Services Center
  • You need to be skilled in teamwork, persuasive and clear communication, efficient organization and personal development
  • Analytical skills and the ability to meet your goals are crucial for this position
  • You have passion for providing help to others, administration and creation of documents
  • You have hands on approach
  • Last but not least is having stress resistance and solid structured approach

What we offer

  • Great opportunities for learning and professional development
  • Remote training by our team of Data Scientists in Belgium
  • Possible Home Office
  • Flexible working
  • 25 days of paid holidays
  • Discounted banking and insurance products and services
  • Additional Medical Care insurance and Pension plan
  • Multisport card and other discounts in shopping centers

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