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GP Specialist Doctors (Family Doctors)

by:  LIRECO Recruiting & Consulting

This offer has expired

You can not apply any more to this job offer. Please go to the list of all available jobs to find a still valid offer.

The job offer is available for the following event:

Your job will be in a health center where many professions are working together as a team. You will be one of the team members with several other specialist gp-s, doctors in training, specially trained nurses, assisting nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists etc.

There will be a trial period of 6 months, followed by a permanent employment if both of you are content and agree with the offer. The salaries are good already from start! When you are “up and running”, your salary will be set upon negotiation according to the countries guidelines.

Sweden provides you a well-organized and functioning health care system where there are budgets for research, congresses, training and courses. The working conditions are the same as for the native citizens. The working climate with colleagues is open, flat organized with lots of trust and good moral. You will have the possibility and time to have a family life and live in a culture where the family and the individual are prioritized.


We apply a continuous selection to the above-mentioned positions. We continuously get new job offers, if you are interested in moving permanently to Sweden; you are welcome to register your interest and we will contact you when a job is in the frontline.

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This job has expired