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Game Programmer Unreal Engine or Unity

by:  Barona IT / Northstarjobs

The job offer is available for the following event:

We are looking for you seasoned Developer with mobile and PC experience with client and/or server background.

Here is what you will be doing:

• Work with Production, Leads and other developers.

• Design, implement, test and deploy game client and/or backend functionality.

• On server side you may create and maintain the server-side infrastructure.


We are hoping that you hold:

• Minimum 5 years of Game programming experience

• Published games/being part of a team that has published games on any platform

• Strong programming skills (C#, C++, Java, React or applicable)

• Experience with cloud platforms and related technologies (AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform)

• Skills with SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and Git

• Experience in data pipeline

• Experience with Unreal Engine or Unity.


Very much appreciated:

• A can-do attitude and strong interpersonal skills; you love collaborating with others to implement systems.

• Solid time management and organisational skills; you can get the job done without close supervision.

• Work closely with team members, communicating regularly.

- Interest to relocate to Finland. 

This recruitment is done in collaboration with Games Jobs Finland. You will be interviewed by an agent that has 15+ years of experience in gaming industry and a large clientele network in Finland. So be brave, raise a flag and tell us about you! 


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