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Electronics Engineers, Circuit Designers and FPGA Designers needed for studies of Quantum Devices, Quantum Circuits for Quantum Computing. Center for Quantum Devices (a DNRF Basic Research Center) and Microsoft Station Q Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute

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The Center for Quantum Devices and Microsoft Station Q Copenhagen, a medium-size research lab at the Niels Bohr institute (University of Copenhagen), with sponsorship from Microsoft Research, is currently investigating quantum devices based on nanofabricated semiconductors and superconductors. These devices are applied to future quantum information processing technologies, to be used as qubits and approaches to topological quantum computing.

We intend to hire up to three experienced electronics engineers, circuit designers, and FPGA programmers to help implement and control these quantum devices. Work will be in collaboration with a team of research physicists as well as post-docs and PhD candidates.

The engineering team will work in collaboration with physicists, focusing on the following projects:

• RF and microwave circuit design
• RF and analog PCB layout in Altium
• Ultra low noise and low drift analog circuit design
• FPGA hdl programming
• System design
• Writing of design documents and test reports
• Hardware tests, troubleshooting and evaluation of measurement instruments

We are looking for:
Expertise in one or more of the following areas:
• RF/Microwave electronics at system, measurement and design level
• Low noise analog design
• FPGA design (Xilinx, Microsemi)
• Digital signal processing
Other things we are looking for:
• High personal drive, responsible attitude and ability to complete tasks on time
• Desire to work at the forefront of knowledge.
• Knowledge of just-invented electronics technology
• Work well with academics, industrial engineers, and students.
• Willingness to share knowledge and teach others.
• Proficiency in English
• M.Sc.E.E degree or higher
• Professionally you are one of the best within your field

The job offers a unique opportunity to work on the cutting edge of today’s technology, to enable tomorrow's quantum technologies. It is an opportunity to join an international team of scientists, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians who are trying to develop a new approach to computing.

Copenhagen is a beautiful, family-friendly city with a large international community, a lively and diverse cultural scene, and a very high quality of life. More on employment conditions:

For more information about the position, please contact Center administrator Kathrine Conrad: or phone: +45 21 16 17 74.

The employment is permanent and scheduled to start December 2015, or upon agreement with the chosen candidate.

Salary, pension and terms of employment are in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between the Danish Government and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). In addition to the basic salary a monthly contribution to a pension fund is added (17.1% of the salary). The base salary depends on seniority. A supplement can be negotiated, depending on experience and qualifications.

About QDEV/Station Q CPH:
The Center for Quantum Devices and Microsoft Station Q Copenhagen is a research center supported by the Danish National Research Foundation and Microsoft Research, experimental and theoretical physics, nanoelectronics fabrication, and quantum device technologies. The full research program for the center of excellence can be found on the QDev homepage here: The Center is part of The Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen.

Your application be submitted electronically by clicking Jobportal below. Your application must include the following documents:
•Current CV
•Letter describing background experience, expertise, and interests.
•Contact information for two references (don’t send letters, just the names).

The application deadline is October 31 2015.

The University of Copenhagen wants to reflect the international society and encourages everyone regardless of background to apply.