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Chefs for summer 2018

by:  Adecco Norway

This offer has expired

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Adecco Hospitality Norway is seeking hotel- and restaurant chefs for seasonal jobs next summer. We are looking for candidates who are looking for a seasonal job only, or candidates who wants to build a new life in Norway.

The jobs might be all over Norway, starting approx april and last until the end of september, with a peak from june until the end of August.

We can offer a job that matches your experience, and a foot into the job-market in Norway. After your first seasonal job it is much easier to find something more permanent.

Salary might differ from place to place, but a normal salary for a chef with 10 years experience (documented) is: 194,66 nok/hour

A normal working week in Norway is 35,5 hours/week


This job has expired