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Information for Jobseekers

Dear Participant,

Thank you for signing up for “Your career – Think Denmark”, taking place online June 1st.
This event is all about preparation and aligning expectations. There will be no employers for you to chat with, but you can chat with recruitment consultants from Workindenmark and ask questions regarding specific job offers and how to approach the job seeking process.
Even though Denmark is looking for many highly skilled workers, landing a job requires hard work and you will need to be well-prepared.

At this event we will first of all give you an insight into living and working conditions in Denmark, in order for you to figure out whether Denmark might be a good place for you to look for your next career opportunity. Secondly, we will give you insights into the sectors that are looking for international candidates, for you to find out whether there are sectors with motivating tasks looking for your profile. Lastly, we wish to give you some hands-on tools for your job search in Denmark.

Decided to apply for one of the posted jobs?

There will be plenty of jobs waiting for you. Browse through these vacancies and apply to those matching your skills and expectations.

Be aware that when you click ‘apply’ at the European job days platform, you only show interest in the specific job and the companies will not get your notification at this event. If you show an interest in a job that are posted at this event a recruitment consultant from Workindenmark will make an initial assessment of your qualifications stated in the CV and either decline or send you an email with more information.

If you wish to apply for the job, you will need to send your application directly to the company as stated in the job ads. So please read the job ads carefully and follow the instructions.

Nevertheless we would like you to use the apply option, as we gain a better understanding of your job wishes when you indicate your interest. We advise you to be selective in your choices and only ‘apply’ when the job is genuinely interesting to you and you match the requirements listed in the job advertisement.

 Improve your profile / CV

Pay attention to your language, technical or soft skills, as well as education fields. You can add your picture and, if you have one, your Skype account ID. We strongly advise you to have your CV uploaded in English or have it retrieved from the EURES portal. You can as well add your LinkedIn profile or any online portfolio as well.

Watch the video on the front page for more information.

Still having some doubts?

Contact us via or for further info, visit the event website (on permanent update).

We look forward to meeting you online June 1st and wish you a very successful event!