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Getting ready for the event

  • Register as a jobseeker (participation is free of charge, but previous registration is mandatory, since limited places are available)
  • Study and analyse the available information on the participating companies, their main projects and recruitment needs
  • Search for the jobs you are interested in and to those

Participating companies may invite you for one or more recruitment interviews on June 19th or 20th. If you are pre selected for interview, you will get a notification from the employer(s) concerned, outlining possible time slots for the interview. You should reply to this notification as soon as possible.

For further info on how to apply for a job and schedule an interview, watch this video.

  • It will also prove useful to monitor the workshops and company presentations listed on the June 19th Programme on a regular basis, as it’s possible they may be updated
  • Get ready, select the companies you want to approach, collect information about them, identify the questions you want to place, anticipate possible questions by the employer
  • You should also prepare by selecting the companies which interest you, carrying out research into them, preparing the questions you wish to ask and anticipating the questions they are likely to ask you

During the day(s):

Participating onsite?

  • Our advice is that you set the whole of June 19th aside in order to take advantage of the information and advice on offer
  • Although the ideal approach is for you to apply for jobs before the day itself, you should always carry a few printed CVs in English - they may be useful when approaching the Exhibitors
  • When approaching the company stands, it is vital that you create the best possible impression. This involves demonstrating a firm grasp of spoken English and a positive and assertive attitude. You should also be able to display proven knowledge of the companies in question and their current main projects. Attention to detail of this kind will make all the difference when it comes to creating the maximum positive impact
  • Make sure you arrive on time for any pre-scheduled interview

Participating online?

  • Minimum requirements:
    • a PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet (stable wifi or cable connection) and speakers / headphones
    • for online interviews: a webcam + headsets with microphone + (ideally) Skype setup
  • Check the final version of the Programme the day before the event; watch the presentations which may be of interest to you and ask questions on the chat
  • Make sure you connect on time for any pre-scheduled interview.

Visit regularly for further updated information.