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EURES invites companies to an online career day Work in Estonia already for the fifth time. The fair is aimed at Estonian companies who want and are prepared to recruit employees from abroad. The online career day is taking place on the web site, requires only computer with an internet access, and the willingness to speak with interested candidates at the time of the fair.

What is an online career day?

The online format of the career day is similar to the regular career fair, but everything is done on the Internet. The career day lasts for four hours, with pre-arranged short interviews with suitable candidates being the main part of it. The interview takes place on the fair platform, on the initiative of the company, and is easy to set up and carry out. Candidates also have the opportunity to communicate directly with companies without a reservation and to talk to the institutions and organizations participating in career day about living and working in Estonia.

As a jobseeker, people from all over the world, who have an interest in working in Estonia, take part of the fair - the majority of specialists have a higher education and work experience in some specific field, but also those seeking for an entry level work. Participation is free and open to everyone. The outcome of the event for the company is determined by the pre-work of setting up short interviews with suitable candidates before the career day. As a result of the career day, the company has a list of suitable candidates for a specific job, who have been interviewed and who could be included in the further recruitment process.

How to participate?

You can register at the following link and upload the job vacancies in English. Also, you need to fill in a profile introducing your company on the platform, where you can also add videos, links, etc.