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You will need a valid Skype (not Skype for Business) account in order to participate in one-to-one chats on the day of the event. Once you provide your Skype ID (Edit My organisation in your Dashboard) your organisation's profile will be listed in the CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS'S section. Do not forget to log in to your Skype account.                             


If you wish to chat with exhibitors during the live event make sure you have Skype installed on your device and then just go to CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS which will open your Skype and you can start the conversation. Make sure to provide your Skype ID (in your Profile Settings).

The companies/exhibitors may not be available for chat for the whole duration of the live event (11 a.m. – 16 p.m.). If you would like to contact company/exhibitor that is not available try contacting them through contact details provided in the company's profile.

Job interviews - jobseeker

Don't forget to provide your Skype ID in your profile (profile settings Contact options) and to log in your Skype. Employer will contact you on time agreed with you.