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25 May 2021

Job and Career in Latvia

Online event
Welcome to our European Online Job Day - "Job and Career in Latvia" on May 25th from 14.00 until 16.00 Latvian time (13.00 – 15.00 CEST). Are you a jobseeker or looking for...  Read more
20 May 2021

Digit’allJobs moving Europe

Online event
Welcome to ‘Digit'allJobs moving Europe’! ICT European Online Job Day Are you a professional with ICT/ digital skills and looking for a career boost abroad? Or (why not?!) an opportunity allowing you to...  Read more
13 May 2021

European Info Day EURES Spain - EURES Portugal. Vivir y trabajar en Portugal

Online event
Organizado por EURES España y EURES Portugal Taller ON LINE – Jueves 13 de mayo a las 11:00 (CEST) Puedes seguir el taller en directo con información detallada sobre: El mercado laboral portugués...  Read more
06 May 2021

One click to Europe

Online event
‘’One click to Europe”, living and working in another European country Are you a jobseeker living in the Netherlands and looking for your future employer in another European country? Then this event is...  Read more
05 May 2021

Career in Lithuania

Online event
The amazing event Career in Lithuania will offer you a great opportunity to start your career in Lithuania and to ensure your relocation to Lithuania as smooth as possible. EURES specialists, huge list...  Read more
29 April 2021

European Info Day EURES Spain - EURES Luxembourg. Living and Working in Luxembourg

Online event
l próximo día 29 de abril, a las 9:30 AM (CEST) , tendrá lugar el evento “ European Info Day Vivre et Travailler au Luxembourg ”, organizado conjuntamente por EURES España y EURES...  Read more
28 April 2021

Make it in Germany 2021 - Take your chance!

Online event
Are you looking for a job in Germany? Do you need information about the German labour market? Join us at Make it in Germany 2021 and take YOUR Chance now ! Save the...  Read more
22 April 2021

Help2Harvest2021 - Horticulture Recruitment Event – Ireland

Online event
Welcome to “Help2Harvest2021” - Horticulture European Online Job Day, Ireland Are you a jobseeker looking for a career in the Horticulture sector in Ireland? We all know how important trips to the shops...  Read more
15 April 2021

Finland - Norway - Sweden Day

Online event
Look up and discover the North and the opportunities on offer in Finland, Norway and Sweden. This is an opportunity for you to find work and for the employer to find the right...  Read more
08 April 2021

Slovenian Cross Border Online Job Day

Online event
The Slovenian Cross Border Online Job Day event will take place ONLINE only on 8 April 2021, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CEST) Are you a jobseeker looking for new job opportunities...  Read more