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17 September 2019

European Online Job Day Sofia 2019

Onsite event (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Online event
Welcome to our European Online Job Day Sofia 2019!!! Are you looking for a job in Bulgaria or another EU country? Are you a Bulgarian employer who is looking for qualified employees from... Read more
19 September 2019

European Job Day - Die Talente der Großregion!

Onsite event (Trier, Germany)
EUROPEAN JOBDAY TRIER 2019 Der Eintritt ist kostenfrei. Öffnungszeiten: 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr Veranstaltungsort: Europäische Rechtsakademie Trier, Metzer Allee 4, 54295 Trier Parken: Parkplatz beim Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Spitzmühle, 54295 Trier oder in der Tiefgarage... Read more
25 September 2019

Make it in Germany - Take YOUR Chance!

Online event
Welcome to our European Online Job Day "Make it in Germany - Take YOUR Chance!" At our online event , we will provide European jobseekers with helpful information about “Working & Living in... Read more
26 September 2019

Job and Career in Latvia 2019

Online event
Welcome to our European Online Job Day - “Job and Career in Latvia 2019”. Are you looking for a job in Latvia? Are you a Latvian employer who is looking for qualified employees... Read more
09 October 2019

Finland Works

Online event
Finland Works! Take the opportunity to experience the quality of life in Finland. Stability, security and functionality form the basis of everyday life in Finland. That’s why – Finland Works! During the Finland... Read more
10 October 2019

Austria-Germany-Netherlands Day

Onsite event (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Online event
Do you want to work and live in Austria, Germany or the Netherlands? Welcome to our European Online & Onsite Job Day AUSTRIA-GERMANY-NETHERLANDS DAY Are you a jobseeker looking for a job in... Read more
15 - 16 October 2019

Work In Flanders 2019 - Porto

Onsite event (Porto, Portugal)
Are you a Pro in Engineering? Do you have an experienced background in Maintenance, Construction, Robotics…? Based in Portugal now? Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination? Flanders, one of... Read more
22 October 2019

The mountains are calling - Working in the Tyrolean Alps

Online event
The mountains are calling – come to Tirol, the heart of the Alps . Attending our online event on 22 October 2019 may lead you to your dream job in Austria. We are... Read more
23 October 2019

Enter Estonia

Online event
Enter Estonia is an online event for jobseekers looking for work and career opportunities in Estonia, and for Estonian employers looking to hire great people from abroad. Job seekers can get information about... Read more
30 October 2019

Work in Portugal 2019!

Online event
Ever wondered about what it would be like to work in Portugal ? Looking for your place in the sun? Currently one of the most dynamic economies in Southern Europe, Portugal and its... Read more