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Living and Working in Dalarna

  • 06 August 2013
  • Onsite event
  • Online event

More about this event

The “Living and Working in Dalarna Day”, targets qualified and experienced jobseekers from all over Europe who are interested in moving to Dalarna and want to establish contact with the local labour market. The event will begin at 10:00 and end at 16:30 (local time).


As a jobseeker, you will have the opportunity to be interviewed on the spot and/or online by employers. There will also be (onsite and online) information and advice on living and working in Dalarna. Find out more.


If you’re an employer, you will be able to meet qualified jobseekers, onsite or online, who are looking for employment in Dalarna. You can also benefit from the help of EURES Advisers who have years of experience in matching jobseekers. Find out more.


Come to the Living and Working in Dalarna Day or attend the event online on august 6th to give your prospects in Dalarna a boost!


For more information about the labour market in Dalarna:


The Living and Working in Dalarna Day is organized by EURES Sweden.