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How to attend

The “ICT Mobility Day Amsterdam” gathers employers and EURES advisers from the Netherlands to provide information and advice to jobseekers about finding a job and living and working in the Netherlands and to conduct interviews via chat sessions. Besides that there will be a (live) forum with field experts.


  • Check the list of exhibitors that will be participating in the online event (tick the “online” box on the left hand side) and verify their online availability times. During the event, you will be able to chat with them by clicking the “chat now” button. Make sure you are logged in to the website when you start a chat session, in order for your CV information to be automatically shared with your chat partner.
  • Browse through the program of presentations that will be broadcast live. You will also be able to replay them after the event.
  • Browse through the job offers and bookmark the ones you are interested in and which fit your profile (by clicking the “Apply” button). This means that the exhibitor (either an employer or EURES advisers) will be able to consult your CV up to 3 months after the event – and maybe, who knows, invite you for an interview.
  • Please bear in mind that you will only be able to apply/bookmark a job vacancy if you’re registered on the website as a Visitor.
  • Please note that chat sessions cannot be pre-booked, you will be placed in a waiting queue until the employer or EURES Adviser is available to start a chat session.