Partner sites:EURES

How to participate

  • Register as a visitor here (entrance is free of charge);
  • Study / research the available information on the participating companies and countries (please check the Exhibitors section) and on their recruitment profiles / needs (Jobs List);
  • Search for job vacancies (Jobs List) for which you gather all or most of the requirements;
  • Apply (in the platform) to the job vacancies matching your profile;
  • Always respect the application language (most of the times being English or French), otherwise your application will not be taken into account.

Some companies will interview on the 1st and 2nd of April and will be based on previously gathered and pre-selected applications.


In case you’re pre-selected, you may participate in one or more interviews during the event.

  • Please also check the Programme regarding info sessions, workshops and company presentations (on permanent update up until the 24th of March);
  • Get ready, select the countries, companies and mobility supporting services you want to approach, identify the questions you want to ask.


During the event – 1st of April:

  • In order to take better advantage of info, advice and employer contact opportunities, we advise you to save the whole day for participation;
  • Regarding the Programme of info sessions on the countries and company presentations, be selective; choose those which are actually looking for your profile and skills;
  • Although the ideal approach is to previously  apply online, remember you should take with you some printed CVs in English and/or French, namely if you intend to benefit from advice at the info points of the participating countries;
  • When approaching the employers at the info points, a careful image is important, but also a good level of English or French and a positive and assertive attitude; also the demonstrated knowledge regarding the companies and their main projects, as well as regarding the countries, will be an added value. Therefore you should document yourself as much as possible.


Visit regularly for further updated information.