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Information for visitors

At the “Experience Abroad - Map your Skills!” Job Day, jobseekers from all regions of Belgium will be able to search and apply for jobs that match their profiles.

By registering for the event, jobseekers will have the opportunity to make contact with international employers and book one or more job interviews during the event. The interviews can be held both onsite, for jobseekers attending the event in person, and online.

At the event, you will also be able to attend information sessions, view company presentations and ask questions after each presentation. These sessions will be live-streamed, and online participants will be able to send in their questions via chat.

You will also be able to consult with EURES Advisers on working and living abroad.

Jobseekers targeted: recent graduates and young jobseekers in Belgium who are interested in gaining their first work experience abroad. This event is being organized by the 3 Belgian PES, and so is targeted at jobseekers from all regions of Belgium.