Experience Abroad - Map your Skills!
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Experience Abroad - Map your Skills!
02 October 2014
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02 October 2014
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Online / Onsite event
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About this event

Experience Abroad - Map your Skills! is a major recruitment event matching companies across Europe with enthusiastic recent graduates and young jobseekers in Belgium.

The event will be held both online and onsite, to allow the widest possible audience to take part:

- Onsite: from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
- Online: from 12.00 pm to 08.00 pm

If you are a jobseeker, at “Experience Abroad - Map your Skills!” you will be able to search and apply for jobs that match your profile, make contact with international employers and book one or more job interviews during the event (onsite or online). You can also attend information sessions, view company presentations online and ask questions after each presentation. You will also be able to consult with EURES Advisers on working and living abroad. This event is being organized by the 3 Belgian PES, and so is targeted at jobseekers from all regions of Belgium.

Employers will have access to a range of recruitment services, including publishing your vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening and matching of CVs and the scheduling and conducting of online interviews on the day of the event. During the event, employers will also be able to present their companies and hold live chats and Q&A sessions with potential employees from Belgium.

Jobseekers targeted: recent graduates and young jobseekers in Belgium who are interested in gaining their first work experience abroad.

Employers targeted: companies in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

Visitors will be able to register online. Pre-selection of candidates on behalf of employers will also take place online, with scheduling of interviews.

Date: 2 October 2014.

Experience Abroad - Map your Skills about to go live!

The Brussels European Job Day Experience Abroad - Map your Skills! is ready to go live on October 2, bringing hundreds of Belgian jobseekers together with employers from all over Europe. The event, which will be held in the Roi Baudoin Stadium in Brussels, has a programme packed with presentations aimed at young jobseekers in Belgium that are interested in moving abroad to gain their initial work experience.

Registered exhibitors include Ancer Recruitment, Club Méditerranée, Elysis Consulting, EUROCCOR, Eurojob Consulting, Explort, First Derivatives, Jacaranda Recruitment, Le Massif de Charlevoic Quebec, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and many others.

The event will be filled with many exciting opportunities for jobseekers. Some of the sectors with open positions include:

• Software development;
• Hospitality and catering;
• Technical services;
• Health and wellbeing;
• Sales;
• Childcare;
• Human resources;
• Event management;
• Management and finance.

The event programme is packed with interesting presentations and valuable advice on working abroad. Jobseekers will have the opportunity to talk to employers and EURES Advisers and ask them questions both directly at the event, and online through the chat function.

Don’t miss out on this exciting recruitment opportunity - see you in Brussels on October 2.

Experience Abroad - Map your Skills! is open for registration

We are happy to announce that Experience Abroad - Map your Skills! is open for registration!