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Information for exhibitors

Are you an employer interested in hiring high skilled and enthusiastic professionals?

The European Job Day Poznań 2014 is an event that match companies across Europe with high skilled jobseekers in Poland.

Employers will have access to a range of recruitment services, including publishing your vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening and matching of CVs and the scheduling and conducting of online interviews on the day of the event. During the event, employers will also be able to present their companies and hold live chats and Q&A sessions with the jobseekers from Poland.

Employers targeted: companies in the EU/EEA, especially Sweden, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania.

Registration of employers is now open and you can register here.

By registering for the event you will already be able to make full use of the available services at the event’s website:

  • Posting an introduction to your organisation including company videos;
  • Publishing your job vacancies and opening them up to direct applications from registered jobseekers in the platform;
  • Searching among applicants for relevant jobseekers / CVs matching your recruitment profiles;
  • Screening applications with the help of automatic skills-based matching and pre-selection of candidates;
  • Booking interviews.