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The EURES Services in Norway are delivered by NAV , Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, the  services include:

  • Information on living and working in Norway

  • Information on the situation on the labour market

  • Information on how to find jobs and about application letter and CV

  • Information on the relocation process to Norway

  • Recruitment and placement

You can contact us at any time on 

NAV Service Centre EURES Phone: 0047 55 55 33 39 (press 2)  

Searching for jobs in Norway requires at least good English skills, but in most cases it also requires Norwegian skills.
You should first of all read carefully the information that NAV has gathered for foreign job seekers on

Another useful website to read is, “New in Norway”. It contains lots of valuable information about the public services in Norway (moving to Norway, children and schools, health, taxation, etc)
The official guide Work In Norway gives you a step by step guidance for registering in Norway.  

For the latest information about Covid 19 and border entry restrictions in Norway, please take a look at: 

Coronavirus disease - advice and information - NIPH (


Accessing vacancies 

From mid December 2021 till the end of January 2022 more 70. 00 new vacancies were registered at This is 23 per cent more daily new adverts per working day in January 2022 than in the same month last year. Broken down into sectors, there were the most new adverts in health, nursing and care, and education.

Where to find the jobs

The easiest way if you don’t speak Norwegian is to search for jobs on the EURES portal Indeed, all the job vacancies published by NAV are listed on this portal. You can then use the search function in your own language and access the job vacancies. Check first the job vacancies “with EURES flag, as this is an indicator that the employer is also looking for European candidates.

You can also access job vacancies in English which are listed on the NAV website Use “english” as key word search.

Short overview of the labour market:

The labour market in Norway has recovered since the setback due to covid, and there is now a lack of qualified personnell within many sectors.  The hotels and restaurants are facing big challenges recruiting for the summer season and also the health sector has a lack of nurses, doctors and assistants.  For the first mentioned sector a good comand of English language will be sufficient, but for the latter, Norwegian language is a must. The unemployment rate in Norway for January 2022 was 2,6 % of the labour force, about 74 000 persons. 

Population: 5 415 166  as of Desember 2021.

70.3% of the Norwegian population is in the workforce (aged 15-74) as at 28 January 2021. 

Where to find the jobs

The easiest way if you don’t speak Norwegian is to search for jobs on the EURES portal Indeed, all the job vacancies published by NAV are listed on this portal. You can then use the search function in your own language and access the job vacancies.

You can also access job vacancies in English which are listed on the NAV website Use “english” as key word search

Recruitment agencies

The private recruitment agencies have a big share of the job market in Norway, and there are numerous. You should consider registering at a few of them. A few examples: -   

There are many more recruitment agencies, you can find them via the Yellow Pages Write “bemanningsbyrå” in the search field.

Public services New in Norway guide - practical information from public administrations  the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration  Healthcare and social security Service Centers for Foreign Workers in the cities of Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kirkenes information for foreign workers in Norway the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration the Norwegian Police The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority Customs  Cross border service Sweden/Norway Innovation Norway Statistics Norway Norwegian Food/Animal Safety Authority Information from the Government and the Ministries

Cities & Municipalities

To find the website of any municipality:

Newspapers  Oslo Stavanger Bergen Trondheim Tromsø Kristiansand

Recognition of Education and Qualifications Recognition of foreign education  Authorisation and Licence for Health personnel

Trade Unions The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations The Confederation of Vocational Unions The Confederation of Unions for Professionals

Start your own company in Norway  see “start and run business” - see "Guide for starting a permanent business in Norway"

Language courses in Norway - free online Norwegian language course  free online Norwegian language course See “Immigrant integration” for all the accredited language course providers in Norway  Class room courses Class room courses Courses in Oslo

Study in Norway the guide to higher education in Norway Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education The Norwegian Universities and College Admission service

Traineeships and Internships in Norway The Norwegian trainee guide  Student organization - Internships Job portal and lots of advice and other relevant information (Intern and internship in Europe)

Housing market place for rental “bolig til leie” and purchase «bolig til salgs» rentals and home share agency rentals agency

Diverse/Other the official Travel guide to Norway  the Yellow Pages in Norway News website for the oil and gas industry


Hot jobs:

  • What is the demand for workers?

Health care: nurses and specialized nurses (theatre nurses, intensive care nurses …); doctor specialists (mental health, substance abuse treatment, neurology, rheumatology, internal medicine, radiology…); pharmacists; optometrists.
Construction and civil works: 
Carpenters; electricians; drivers of construction engines and cranes; roofers, plumbers.
Engineers ( civil works: roads, tunnels, bridges, railway)
Services: Car mechanics, heavy vehicle mechanics, construction engines mechanics
IT: developers
NB! Please note that most of these professions require a good knowledge of the Norwegian language, especially those which require a contact with customers, children/students or patients.
Looking for work
We recommend that you register your CV on the EURES portal, where Norwegian employers are likely to be looking for European candidates.


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