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Where are the available workers?

In terms of the business activity of their last employer, most unemployed persons had worked in industry. The highest relative growth in the number of unemployed was in healthcare and social services, the information and telecommunication sectors. The highest relative decrease in the number of unemployed was in the property sector.

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Where are the available jobs?

Sectors with vacancies available: transport, storage, and trade. The most significant growth was in industrial production, administrative services, and the construction, information and telecommunication sectors.

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Short overview of the labour market:

As of 31 December 2018, the Slovak Republic had a population of 5,450,421. Natural population growth reached a figure of 4,055 persons in that year.

Foreign migration was at a high level (7,253 people immigrated and 3,298 people emigrated). Total population growth represented 7,301 persons.

The industrial sector had a decisive impact on employment growth; the number of workers in construction, finance, insurance, administration and healthcare also went up. Based on age distribution, the overall employment grew in almost all age categories, with the highest increase in the 35-49 age group. Employment decreased in the 15-24 and 55-59 age groups.

In relative terms, the highest increase in employment was in the Košice, Bratislava and Žilina regions.

The highest employment rate of 80.5% was in the Bratislava region.

Short-term migration to work abroad in 2018 decreased slightly compared to the previous year. Migrants worked mainly in construction and industrial activities. Among European countries, Slovak citizens worked mainly in the Czech Republic and Austria. From the regional perspective, the greatest number of migrants came from regions in eastern Slovakia (almost 60,000 people). The greatest increases in vacancies were in industrial manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, transport and storage, accommodation and catering services, and in the fields of the arts, entertainment and recreation.

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Hot jobs:

Top 10 of the most required occupations in Slovakia

1.    Armed forces occupations    (ISCO 0)
2.    Locomotive engine drivers    (ISCO 8311)
3.    Special needs teachers    (ISCO 2352)
4.    Travel guides    (ISCO 5113)
5.    Stall and market salespersons    (ISCO 5211)
6.    Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related professionals    (ISCO 2131)
7.    Early childhood educators    (ISCO 2342)
8.    Freight handlers    (ISCO 9333)
9.    Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging press workers    (ISCO 7221)
10.  Metal working machine tool setters and operators    (ISCO 7223)