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Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It's a nation known for historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It has numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C


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Where are the available workers?

At the end of January 2021, 27.6% of persons registering for employment with Jobsplus (PES) sought mainly Clerical work, whereas 18.7% sought work in the Technical and Professional sectors. A total of 21.3% of men and 39.5% of women who were registering for employment sought Clerical work; 18.2% of men and 19.5% of women sought Technical and Professional work; and 13.6% of men and 17.8% of women sought work in Sales and Services.

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Where are the available jobs?

According to administrative information on vacancies in the PES (Public Employment Service), the 20 most requested job/skill types between July and September 2020 were as follows:



Percentage of total vacancies



Store distributors


Manual workers 






Heavy vehicle drivers


Builders and concrete workers   


Chefs and cooks






Machine operators


Kitchen workers




Healthcare workers










Manual vehicle drivers


Administrative officer



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Short overview of the labour market:

Status of the employment situation in Malta – July–September 2020

In the third quarter of 2020:

  1. the number of employed persons aged 15 years and over was 259 731, or 59.4% of the population aged 15 years and over;
  2. 12 589 persons, or 2.9% of that same group, were unemployed (not working);
  3. while 164 659 persons or 37.7% of that population were not active.

In the third quarter of 2020, the activity rate of both those in work and the unemployed was estimated at 77.3% of the working-age population. A comparison of the third quarter of 2020 with the same quarter of 2019 shows an increase of 1.2%.  Persons between the ages of 25 and 54 registered the highest activity rate, at 87.9%.

The share of employed persons

Among the female working population, 37.0% were working in the sectors of public administration, defence, education, healthcare and social work; 21.3% were working in the wholesale and retail sector, the motor vehicle and household appliances repair sector, hotels and restaurants and transport sector; and 12.0% were working in other services sectors.

The majority of men (26.2%) were working in the retail and wholesale sector, the motor vehicle and household appliances repair sector, hotels and restaurants, and transport sector; 17.1% were working in public administration, defence, education, healthcare and social work sectors, followed by manufacturing, quarrying and other industries with 16.4%.

In general, the most common job category was the professional sector, which accounts for 54 548 persons or 21%. This category includes doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, teachers, consultants and others. 27 912 persons or 26% of women and 26 636 persons or 17.5% of men work in this sector.

Between July and September 2020, the majority of people were employed on a full-time basis (229 690 employees or 88.4%) and 30 041 persons or 11.6% were working on a part-time basis. The number of self-employed persons amounted to 16.1% of the entire working population.

The annual gross salary per month of employees was estimated at EUR 1 536 per year. This amount refers to the basic salary and excludes additional payments such as overtime, bonuses and allowances. On a sector basis, the highest average gross annual salary was registered for employees in the Finance and Insurance sector, whereas the highest average salary for a main occupation was recorded among management administrators.


The share of unemployed persons

Between July and September 2020, the estimated unemployment rate stood at 4.6%.  The 25-to-74 year age group registered the highest rates of unemployment.  Among the unemployed, 71.5% said they have been looking for a job for less than 12 months.

Source: Labour Force Survey – July and September Q3/2020, Issue No 207/2020


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