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Where are the available workers?

Lower level administrative staff, sales representatives, doctors and technicians have the best chance of finding a job through the labour offices. There is also a high level of interest in goods vehicle drivers. These figures are taken from statistics drawn up by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Employers were interested the most in tradespeople and repair staff, followed by technicians, specialists, plant and machine operators and mechanics. They were interested the least in workers in the armed forces and skilled workers in farming, forestry and fishery. The highest number of job vacancies was registered for jobseekers with compulsory schooling only or no schooling, for jobseekers with vocational education and for jobseekers with secondary school education including skilled workers with a secondary school leaving certificate. 
With regard to the number of job vacancies, there was a relatively high interest in bricklayers, electrical engineering workers and programmers.  The threshold of 300 job vacancies was also exceeded by jobs listed for nurses and carers, bookkeepers, waiters, insurance agents, service staff for optical and electronic devices, cooks, shop assistants, locksmiths and workers in the electrical engineering sector and warehouse assistants.

Companies are not currently required to notify labour offices of job vacancies.


Where are the available jobs?

The Labour Office in the Czech Republic had a total of 227 053 jobseekers registered at its regional branches and their contact offices as at 31.3.2019. This was 14 364 fewer than at the end of the previous month, and 36 555 fewer than in the same period in 2018. The number of jobseekers per job vacancy was 0,7 on average, the highest rates being found in the districts of Karviná (5,1%), Jeseník (4,1%), and Ústí nad Labem (3,2%). 13 227 of the total number of 339 331 registered job vacancies were suitable for disabled persons, and there were 2,9 disabled jobseekers for every vacancy. There were 73 830job vacancies registered for school leavers/graduates and young people, and 0.1 jobseekers of this category for every vacancy.

An unemployment rate higher than the national average was reported in 37 districts, the highest being in the following districts: Karviná (6,9 %), Most (5,8 %), Znojmo (5,8%), Bruntál (5,7 %) and Chomutov (5,4 %). The lowest unemployment rates were recorded in the following districts: Prague East (1,1 %), Rychnov nad Kněžnou (1,3 %), Pelhřimov (1,5%),  Prague - West (1,5%), Ústí nad Orlicí (1,6 %).


Short overview of the labour market:

The situation in the labour market of the Czech Republic is marked by considerable regional differences. This is particularly evident when comparing the northern and eastern regions of the country with Central Bohemia or the capital city of Prague. The lowest level of unemployment is to be found in the Plzeň region (2,1 %), the Hradec Králové region (2,3 %) and, as always, in Prague (1,9 %). Prague is particularly strong in terms of investors and services, especially in the fields of real estate and tourism. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic was 3,0 % as at 31.3.2019, an overall fall compared to the previous year. 

As to the statistics on the employment of EU citizens, most of such workers come from neighbouring countries, primarily Slovakia and Poland.  There are also people from non-EU countries, primarily Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, China, India and Mongolia.

The age structure of the workforce has been substantially influenced by long-term demographic developments. While the decline of employment in the 15-29 age category has been affected significantly by increased interest of young people in secondary and university studies, the over-50 age category has shown a marked increase. Special attention is being paid to these at-risk groups through individual European projects in the form of requalification courses provided by labour offices in the CR. The current shifts in the age structure of the workforce, where more than one quarter of all employed people are over 50, are a sign of substantial changes in employment levels and structure, which are forecast for the end of this decade. 

Employment in agriculture and construction has been falling, including in areas near the border with Poland. Interest in workers for services continues to rise, in particular in neighbouring Austria and Germany. Jobseekers in the 25 to 40 age category are finding most success in IT fields, technology, administration, medicine, the health service, and legal and expert professions. There is a long-term trend towards employment abroad in seasonal work, gastronomy, hotels and auxiliary work, and among decorators, welders, painters, drivers and so on.

The nominal average gross monthly wage was CZK 33 840 ,- in the third quarter of 2019, which is approximately EUR 1 312,- (Czech National Bank euro rate as at 31.3.2019).


Czech Statistical Office 

Public administration portal of the Czech Republic 

Doma v České republice (Home in the Czech Republic website) 

Portál Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí (Integrated Portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic)

Informace z úřadů práce (Information from labour offices) 

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs



Hot jobs:

Top 10 of the most required occupations in Czech Republic

1.    Cooks    (ISCO 5120)
2.    Heavy truck and lorry drivers    (ISCO 8332)
3.    Shop sales assistants    (ISCO 5223)
4.    Waiters    (ISCO 5131)
5.    Metal working machine tool setters and operators    (ISCO 7223)
6.    Toolmakers and related workers    (ISCO 7222)
7.    Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments    (ISCO 9112)
8.    Manufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified    (ISCO 9329)
9.    Security guards    (ISCO 5414)
10.  Lifting truck operators    (ISCO 8344)

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