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Your first EURES job & Reactivate Targeted Mobility Scheme

Targeted Mobility Schemes - Your first EURES Job and Reactivate (TMS)

Are you...

  • aged at least 18? 
  • a national and legal resident of an EU Member State, Norway or Iceland? 
  • unable to find a job or training opportunity in your country? 
  • willing to relocate to another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland for a job, traineeship or apprenticeship? 

If so, then TMS could be the solution for you.

What's in it for me?

This Targeted Mobility Schemes are European Union job mobility schemes to help EU citizens find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunity in another EU country, Norway or Iceland and to help employers find qualified workforce. It aims to match jobseekers with remunerated employment offers across Europe and placements must have a duration of at least 6 months (for jobs and apprenticeships) or 3 months (for traineeships).

Through TMS you can receive information, job search, matching and recruitment assistance. You may also be eligible for financial support to attend an interview abroad, as well as to cover costs such as language training, recognition of qualifications or relocation to the destination country.           

What qualifications do I need?

TMS is open to candidates with different levels of education and/or work experience.

How can I take part?

You may contact the project leaders form the different projects in place depending on your specific case:

Yfej Italian project  (jobs/ traineeships/ apprenticeships | 18-35 years | EU, Norway and Iceland)

Reactivate Italian project (jobs/ traineeships/ apprenticeships | > 35 years | EU) 

YfEj Swedish project (only jobs | +18 years | EU, Norway and Iceland)

EURES Portugal (info on all projects)

How about employers?

Are you...

  • an SME based in an EU country, Norway or Iceland?
  • looking to recruit young people with a certain profile and cannot find them in your country?
  • willing to hire workers, trainees or apprentices from EU countries, Norway or Iceland?
  • able to provide on-the-job training and other support for the recruited candidates?
  • offering a minimum 6-months contract (for jobs and apprenticeships) or 3 months (for traineeships) compliant with national labour and social protection law?

If so, then TMS could also be the solution for you. 

SME's may apply for financial support if they offer an integration programme to their newly employed person(s) relocating from another EU country, Norway or Iceland. The financial support for an integration programme is a contribution towards the costs for:

  • job-related training,
  • language training to improve command of the host country language,
  • administrative support etc. helping the new employee to get settled.

The financial support is a flat rate varying according to type of integration programme, number of participants and country where the company is located.

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