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Veilige Have (Safe Haven)

from: Belgium

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Veilige Have (Safe Haven) is one of the larger independent institutions in Belgium in the sector of caring for elderly people. Veilige Have is located in the centre of the cosy city of Aalter, only a few steps away from Ghent and Bruges. On that campus, Veilige Have gives housing and caring to over 400 elder people. It offers a variety of caring solutions according to the needs of the elderly. The activities vary from day-care at Veilige Have or at the people’s own house, service-apartments on the campus of Veilige Have, to intensive caring for people with physical or neurological (dementia, Alzheimer, …) insufficiencies. Veilige Have always aims to be a top institution and therefore it always invests in the future: the most modern housing, the most modern caring facilities, the most motivated personnel, … Veilige Have tries to treat its people and personnel on a basis of mutual respect and human dignity.

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