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TRTAJANS, (TRTAGENCY) Turkey's first international broadcast online in 28 countries in multiple languages, international brand is a registered private agencies. Its main building is in Trabzon. The first logo of TRTAJANS is registered in 28 countries and is included in the Brand Registration. opened the second international channel broadcasting institutions in Turkey is founded in 2018. In 1968, the State began to multilingual publishing is not yet an international brand.
The first general manager of TRTAJANS was Salih KURT on May 20, 2010, and its founding chairman is the chief editor.
TRTAJANS made its first broadcast in 422 towns and municipalities in many national and international TVs under the presidency of TRTAJANS World Peace (TRTAJANS World Peace).
Founded 20 May 2010 (Regular broadcast)
05 May 2014 (HD broadcast)
Owner Salih KURT (2010-present)

News editor Yasemin KURT
Picture format 720i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)

Tracking rate 2,657k, 2017
The Real Address of Slogan News
Country Turkey

Language Official languages ​​of European countries Mother tongue Turkish

Publication of Turkey
Middle Asia

Supported Program Language: Linux, Joomla Turkey, PHP, MYSQL,
Qw Basic, Fortran, Visual Basic, C ++
Headquarters Second Capital Trabzon

Web Sites

Our Broadcasting Policy: As the TRTAJANS Family, we have adopted the vision of staying out of all kinds of content, broadcasting and sabotaging actions that will harm the integrity and independence of the Turkish society, the national interests of our country, and being the industry leader in Television Newspaper and Radio reporting. We have adopted the mission of keeping up-to-date by following the developments in the constantly changing world, informing and raising awareness without hovering beyond honest, principled, neutral and moral values. By following the developments in the constantly changing world, we have adopted the mission of informing people without remaining beyond honest, principled, impartial and moral values.
As it was officially registered internationally in 2015, the TRTAJANS logo has remained the same today.

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