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Smart Shaped Software is an innovative startup born in 2015 from the common vision of a group of friends and professionals specialized in enterprise software projects management. With ReVO, our low-code development platform, we promote instruments and modules able to assist all of a software project's stakeholders throughout its life cycle. Our platform also promotes agile development methods.

Mission: Facilitate enterprise software development by making it faster, easier, and more accessible. Teamwork and quality solutions to lead companies towards successful digital transformations.

Vision: Make companies resilient and reactive to technological change in order to break down any barrier between IT and business.

Product and Service

ReVO is a low-code platform that provides tools and support to manage and control the enterprise software life-cycle. ReVO aims to solve the typical problems related to enterprise software development:

●       Time / scheduling
●       Budgeting
●       Software quality / scalability
●       Stakeholder satisfaction

With respect to traditional approaches, development with ReVO is up to 3 times faster and uses 50% less resources, making the overall process up to 5 times cheaper!
Moreover, ReVO brings the following advantages to your table:

●       Fast to learn: only 2 weeks training period
●       Openness: ReVO implements only open source technology, with no lock-in
●       Flexibility: ReVO lets you choose the right tools to implement your needs
●       Clarity: ReVO fills the gap in stakeholders communication and human interpretation of requirements
●       Control: ReVO centralizes software project management
●       Blockchain: with ReVO you can easily integrate both public and permissioned blockchains through plug-ins and guided processes (wizards)

The low-code modeling offered by ReVO ensures the development of self documented and easy to maintain code in a quicker way. Inside the platform the project's stakeholders work together to define and manage the entire development process.
With the platform development can be tailored based on customer needs, non functional requirements, and even aspects related to the development team. To do so information is collected in a centralized repository to serve as the basis for a unique model characterizing all the phases of a software project’s life cycle. This allows to reduce human interpretation of requirements, thus avoiding misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Finally, ReVO guides and incentivizes the team to use agile development approaches by offering rapid prototyping and code generation tools.

Other than ReVO, Smart Shaped offers various solutions:

●       Collaboration through partnerships focused on creating quality software tailored to meet client requirements.

●       Consultancy services on topics such as agile methodologies, digitization, and project management.

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Workplace: Italy
The candidate will have the possibility of working for a young and dynamic company and be trained for a 4-6 months period in: JEE, software modeling, microservices architectures, and blockchain technologies. The company will provide reimbursements throughout the traineeship period. At its end the trainee will be evaluated and (pending a positive evaluation) be given the chance to join the... Read more