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SIA Cabonline Customer Service Latvia

from: Latvia

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Cabonline Customer Service Latvia is a part of Global Business Services industry in Latvia. Cabonline is operating in Latvia since 2005 and during this time we have established call centers in Riga, Daugavpils and Liepaja. Cabonline Customer Service Latvia provides service to Norwegian and Swedish taxi customers and taxi drivers and registration of bookings in the systems, as well as coordination and control of taxi traffic in biggest cities of Sweden. 

Job offers

Main responsibilities: - manage, plan and coordinate taxi traffic in major Swedish cities; - be familiar with customer travel registration systems; - provide action plans for various problem situations (following certain guidelines); - inform taxi drivers and customers, as appropriate, of changes in traffic flow (affecting bookedjourneys); - work professionally in a team, regularly communicate with other departments, colleagues, taxidrivers;... Read more