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Schengen Employment Services & Recruiters

from: Italy

Schengen Employment Services & Recruiters is looking for following positions in different countries.

Lithuania  Construction Workers    Quantity   1100  Workers Required.

Norway  Fishing Farms & Fish Meat Processing Plants   .  Quantity   70 Workers.

Estonia   Delivery drivers   Quantity     100 Workers.

Slovakia   Workers required 200  work for car plants , Shoes factory and Farming.

Croatia  Construction Workers  Quantity  200 Workers.

Hungary  900 Workers for  construction Workers , meat processing plant & doors manufacturing factory.

Romania   700 Workers for meat processing plant , cars plant and hotels room cleaners.

Poland & Czech Republic  required 3500 workers for seasonal workers 3 month , 6 month , 9 months , and 2 years work contract.

Italy 90 days seasonal Workers  Quantity 200

Ireland seasonal workers 90 days 200 workers.

UK Seasonal workers 100 for 90 days and 180 days.

Contact us as soon as possible for above posts. No nationality restrictions.


Whatsapp:  +13238797881

Skype:  tsllhr