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Saranen Consulting Oy

from: Finland

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We help companies to grow and people to find new jobs.

Saranen Consulting is the leading Finnish provider of ICT outplacement services and recruitment programs.

In 2014 our customers recruited 498 professionals through our recruitment programs (recruitment rate 86%). Last year we served 455 persons in our outplacement coachings (feedback average 4,3/5).

Our recruitment programs (F.E.C. Further Educated with Companies) combine on-the-job working and training. The idea of the programs is to give a possibility for personal growth and new career through the program. The goal of the programs is to continue working through permanent job contract after the training period. Programs couch participants to new positions for industries that are growing in Finland like data-analytics, information and cyber security, healthtech, software development, Internet of Things, game development and digital marketing. More information about the programs can be found on our web site:

We organize recruitment and coaching programs all over Finland.

Saranen Consulting is part of Barona Group, which is the biggest HR service provider in Finland.