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San Giuliano Cat Ltd

from: Malta

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Operators of 3 Restaurants:



It is impossible not to notice San Giuliano Restaurant in St Julian’s given it’s prime location overlooking Spinola Bay, especially in the evenings when the old arched boathouses which house the restaurant are floodlit. Naturally the restaurant is very accessible from all directions particularly from a red staircase

(beautifully illuminated at night) constructed in the middle of a ramp which links the main road of St Julian’s to the Spinola Bay Fisherman's Promenade.



Raffael is Malta’s meeting place. You spot the umbrellas of the Raffael Restaurant from across Spinola Bay before you are anywhere near what is probably the most picturesque terrace on the island. At Raffael you are away from car fumes and the maddening crowd. Ideal for families with children, as they can play safely in the area. This restaurant is perfectly situated, with a swathe of outdoor tables setting the continental vibe of what is, after all, a Mediterranean fishing village. Inside, the décor presents the best in trattoria style. The chefs and pizzaioli are Italian, Maltese and foreign, and friendly staff set the scene nicely.



A beautiful view whether in the light of the sun or the silvery moon, a Mediterranean cuisine which includes antipasto, pasta, salads, meat, fish dishes and Paella. Freshness and flavours are everything for this summer restaurant and there is the added pleasure of seeing the shimmering Mediterranean sea almost within touching distance.