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from: Sweden


PingPal is a platform for military grade encrypted privacy protected ephemeral communication and positioning. Like Snapchat or WhatsApp on steroids for ANY app developer. Simple implementation and low cost traffic subscriptions means great ROI.

In reality this means that we are re-creating the casual off-the-record conversation, like for instance a tête-à-tête, on internet and mobile communications. We protect all private communication, chats, image sharing, video calls, positioning, etc.

We invite ALL apps, platforms, devices and "things" to use this technology to protect their users. The need for this is huge and proven. Recent research by Smiths Point Analytics shows that 56% of mobile app developers would like to add communications to their apps. So why don’t we see more apps like that? Because before PingPal it used to be hard! For example, a minimum viable Uber clone cost 1-1.5 million USD. We made a fully functional Uber clone at a 24h hackathon.

We are not only revolutionizing how developers build communication into their apps, we are revolutionizing in the way we make mobile and internet communication private again. We bring back the control of the app user data to the user. We don’t know anything about anyone communicating on the PingPal service. And that’s the best way to protect user privacy; to not have any data to protect.


Targeted customers with related business model:

1. Developers – Free to develop upon and free traffic up to 25 users

2. App Publishers – Monthly subscription fees based on generated traffic volumes

3. Enterprise – Monthly license and SLA fees based on number of users

4. End Users – Free use of PingPal demo apps

In addition to this to generate early revenues, as well as market knowledge, we offer complete development and implementation projects for customer apps and services.

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