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LIRECO Recruiting & Consulting

from: Sweden

Li-reco AB is based in Skåne, Sweden. The business is owned by Lidia Bartha, who for many years has been engaged in recruitment of healthcare staff to the Swedish healthcare industry, first as a sole trader and thereafter as a limited company. Li-reco has built a strong network of resource staff in Sweden, where Tatjana Ristovski, with long experience of recruitment, in addition to Lidia Bartha, acts as a contact person for both clients and candidates in the recruitment process. Within the organization, we speak English, Hungarian, Romanian, Serb Croatian, Greek and German.

In order to guarantee quality, we actively work with local presence, that is, we have agents in place in the countries we mainly recruit from. At present, we have agents representing us in Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Germany. It happens that we also have applicant from eg France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and other countries in the EU, where we are now also looking for skilled agents. The agents in Croatia, Hungary and Romania can, in addition to the native language, also speak fluent Swedish and English.

The type of organization that Li-reco is based on allows us to be flexible and very fast when needed without having unnecessary expenses in the off-season.

Job offers

A short description of the job and the hospital/clinic: Requirements Position type: Consultant Education: Medical exam Basic Competence: Medical degree Special skills: Specialist in general psychiatry Salary: 70 000 – 78 000 sek/month when the candidate can handle the Swedish language.· Lead assessment, investigation, medical care and treatment for the unit's patients. · Coordination of compulsory care according to the... Read more
Your job will be in a health center where many professions are working together as a team. You will be one of the team members with several other specialist gp-s, doctors in training, specially trained nurses, assisting nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists etc. There will be a trial period of 6 months, followed by a permanent employment if both of you are... Read more

Registered Nurse

Workplace: Sweden
It is a merit if you have further education in kidney, lung and stroke / neurology. At least 1-2 years of experience in inpatient / outpatient care to be able to work independently as a nurse. Stable and confident in the role of nurse. You may want to have nursing knowledge from work in emergency care and medical specialties. About... Read more